Paul Joseph Rovelli




The Universe: Essence of Being


This Atu comes at the end of all and as life is cyclic, so we find an intimation of renewing the cycle again. Therefore, it is the complement of the Fool of which the Hebrew letter Tav is attributed (Tav translates as ‘Cross’ which means extension). The Hebrew letter of the Fool again, is Aleph. These two cards together spell Ath which translates as ‘Essence’

And so we can describe the Major Arcana as that which begins with nothing (the Fool) and ends with nothing in its complete expansion (the Universe); or the Alpha and the Omega. The twenty cards that fall between these then delineate the various stages of the Great Work. Particularly, this Atu celebrates the Great Work as manifestation ready to return to its origins.

Saturn is also attributed here and as well to Binah, the black sea. And as the cross is attributed to the Sun and Saturn is black, so the central shocking secret presented to initiates of the mysteries in ancient as well as modern times is that Osiris (Christ) is a black god. For more on such a truth, one must make contact with a true initiatory body.