Paul Joseph Rovelli




The Star: Dancing Goddess


This Atu in the Thelemic schemata has attributed to it the Hebrew letter Heh as opposed to Tzaddi which is traditional. Heh is a window that admits light. As such, the blindness of humanity is overcome to reveal all the beauty and splendor of the Universe. The attribution of Aquarius further emphasizes it5 as it symbolizes the ‘ideal’ that leads to splendour.

Correspondingly, it is also moved on the Tree-of-Life, from the path that connects Yesod to Netzach to the path that connects Tiphareth with Chokmah. Hence the universe is refined into its essential nature and that nature is Love. Further, we have a manifestation of the Goddess in her lower form to personify this nature.

Traditionally, this card depicts a woman kneeling at the juncture of land and water (a symbol of fertilization) pouring water from two cups (one in each hand). In this particular case, these cups symbolize breasts; one is golden and pouring from it is an ethereal water to indicate the inexhaustible possibilities of existence; the other is silver from which pours the alchemical liquor of life. This whole symbol works to display the dance of life and the most sublime of activities.