Paul Joseph Rovelli




Tarot – The Lovers


The Lovers: Virtue of the One Becoming the All

What is immediately apparent in this card (Atu VI) is the attribution of Gemini which is ruled by Mercury. Both the astrological sign and its planetary ruler are of an intellectual or mental plane denomination (at least on certain levels). Further, to enhance this angle for interpretation is the attribution of the Hebrew letter Zain, which means Sword and is suggesting the mental plane as the suit of Swords does in the Minor Arcana. The whole symbolism behind the card is deepened by a suggestion of the Arch of Swords under which the Royal Marriage takes place.

However, the Sword is a weapon of division and analysis — a taking apart for the sake of itemized investigation. Here, the investigation is in the world of ideas. A careful study of this world will yield the working theory that the formulation of any idea must create its contradictory counterpart at almost the same moment. And in this empirical statistic do we find proof that the universe is constantly at work to preserve its own equilibrium.

This card represents the creation of the world as the All-Father (Kether), which is the One, becomes the All that is the manifested Universe. The subject of this card is analysis and its complement is Atu XIV (Art) which is the synthesis or the regrouping of the All back into the One. To observe the manner in which analysis is efficacious is to find the continuous see-saw of contradictory ideas from which any conclusion must be tested against. Perhaps that conclusion is better dealt with in Atu XIV. But note that this card is a glyph of duality and the masculine and feminine principles in nature.

The plan to produce life is revealed by the Word (Divinity or the All-Father) issuing forth and dividing into male and female (Chokmah and Binah) for the sake of procreation. Yet the original word remains a mystery of mysteries. And we find the working title of the card: ‘The Children of the Voice, the Oracle of the Mighty Gods’. Therefore, this card is a symbol of inspiration and the spiritual intelligence necessary to perform the Alchemical operation described in Atu XIV.