Paul Joseph Rovelli




Tarot - The Empress


The path of the Priestess (last issue) carries us over the abyss and crosses the path of the Empress on its way to Kether (actually to Binah as the serious student of Magick will learn). The Empress is then the door leading us into the Supernal Triad. For this, the Hebrew letter Daleth, meaning ‘door’, is assigned. Her path connects Chokmah with Binah — or the Father with the Mother.

The other major attribution to this card is the planet Venus. In astrology, this planet signifies love. And as with all the planets, it has an Alchemical symbol displayed as [ ]. But what’s interesting to note is that this particular symbol touches all the Sephiroth on the Tree-of-Life. [ ].

Now, a magickal formula represents a process that the aspirant puts HIr psyche through. At least that’s one way to describe it. Since Venus is interpreted as the planet of love (and also delineates aesthetic response) and her symbol touches on all the universe by its connection with all the Sephiroth on the Tree-of-Life, we then discover that the magickal formula delineated by this card is that of Love.

Any and all symbols included in this particular Atu must be inherently consistent with the above theme. Further, note the importance of the Goddess archetype in our psyche and its representative use of a feminine form in this card. And most particularly, be alerted to the suppression she endures in our collective if not also, our individual psyches.

It is good that we grow and strengthen ourselves with the will to control our own destinies; a relatively new theme in human sociology. But let us remember that the underlying formula is Love. It can be written as a simple mathematical equation that is represented by a fraction which places this love under will as shown below: