Paul Joseph Rovelli




Death: The Dance of Initiation


The Zodiacal sign of Scorpio is attributed to this card. And Scorpio has three aspects attributed to it. The lowest aspect is that of the Scorpion. This symbolizes the uninitiated life and the human whom by living it, finds it intolerable and thereby seeks relief. If he or she does not find the path of initiation, then one will find solace in obsession, drug use, suicide, or any other social abnormality. However, those who are wise reach a point where they willingly submit to initiation. This is a most unique form of death.

This middle aspect pertaining to Scorpio is represented by the Serpent. This Symbolizes the rhythmic undulation of life by which things are born, grow, die and are born again. This as been interpreted by some as resurrection and by others as re-incarnation.

The highest aspect of this symbol of Scorpio is represented by the Eagle and denotes transcendence from the limitations of matter. It could perhaps be noted that the adept usually deals with all three aspects on his journey.

The Hebrew letter Nun is also attributed to this card. And Nun translates as ‘fish’. The fish is cold-blooded and swift much like the Grim Reaper and his scythe. In a proper depiction of this card, the Grim Reaper is represented as a skeleton dancing through matter with his scythe swinging freely.

The skeleton and scythe are symbols of Saturn. Saturn represents that essential universal substance from which everything in the universe is comprised. This essential substance remains unchanged despite the undulations in the universe caused by the dance of the scythe as this substance is that of Saturn itself. And Saturn is eternal.