Paul Joseph Rovelli




Tarot – The Chariot


The Chariot: The Adepts Sacrifice

Cancer as attributed to the Chariot (ATU VII), calls in the Priestess (ATU II) as the moon which rules Cancer is attributed to her. It also calls in Fortune (ATU X) as Jupiter which is exalted in Cancer is attributed to it. Study of these two cards is a good prelude to understanding the Chariot.

The Priestess is the Holy Grail which is carried by the Chariot. And Fortune talks to a focused center which is mandala-like much the same as the Chariot around the Grail as its center. Yet Cancer is the sun at its zenith on the summer solstice. This suggests a certain vigorousness of the Charioteer that is supported by the focus (Fortune) upon the Grail (Priestess).

As a cardinal element Cancer also suggests a burst of Water which is actually blood or the life force. The Chariot also sits upon the path which runs from Binah above the abyss, to Geburah below it. Binah is an higher arc of the Cup of Babalon of which the aspirant spills the entirety of his or her blood into. Babalon will be discussed in later Atu’s. For now, simply note the correspondence of the Cup of Babalon with the Grail and the Chariot.

Binah is one of the Supernal Sephiroth. It’s influence is channeled to Mars (Geburah) through a veil of blood as if poured out like blood from the Cup of Babalon. So is this process of life by which the aspirant or saint has poured out his life force giving up all for unity with the God-Head. And this in turn cycles back to those s/he left behind as a spiritual blessing. This further calls in the idea of the wheel in the Fortune Atu.

Also this life force is potent indeed and is directly connected to the God-Head as described by the Supernal Sephiroth. A watery force is the veil through which its acts upon Mars in the fifth Sephira. The potency of emotion and the virulence of Mars can go a long way towards describing this new age of humankind and the earth thus in the present age.

This balances with the Hierophant card which is the influence of the Supernals brought through a veil of fire as this Atu connects Chokmah with Chesed. And the two Atu’s (The Chariot & The Hierophant) along with the Priestess represent the three paths that describe the aspirant’s journey across the Abyss. This is the Adept’s greatest sacrifice to the God-Head; the ultimate Bhakti and the most potent Magick.