Paul Joseph Rovelli




The Aeon: Purification


This Atu has attributed to it the Hebrew letter Shin (which translates as tooth) and the Greek element of Fire (which has a double duty in representing the Hermetic element of Spirit). As well, in order to carry on the Western Mystery Tradition, we depart here from that tradition by altering the symbolism of this Atu.

In the old aspect of the tradition there was the idea of a final judgment wherein the [old] world was destroyed by fire. This is supplanted by Horus who has accomplished this and facilitated the birthing of the present world. Such destruction is evidenced by the catastrophes generated from technologies and concentrated political power manifested in the twentieth century.

The outlook of this aeon is thus: Nuit (she represents unlimited possibilities) conjoins with Hadit (he represents the singular point of view) to create the flaming God Horus who has taken his throne in the East in this new Aquarian age. The Piscean formula of attainment was death and resurrection and is abrogate. The Aquarian formula is purification and equilibration of our relational interfaces. This is the preparation for the Aeon to come, that of Maat and her reign of Truth and Justice