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Minor Arcana Wands


Minor Arcana - Wands

Ace of Wands

Primal Will or Drive

This card is an overt phallic image and represents the undeveloped or seeded potential of this energy. Seed is an apt pun for sperm as the sexual drive is one of the strongest in the human organism.

Minor Arcana - Wands

Two of Wands
Mars in Aries

Wisdom o f Will

Will as a force seeks to dominate; that is what it knows. and wisdom stems from knowledge and experience. Mars is energy as Aries is the Warrior; and so the marital spirit is vitalized in this card.

Minor Arcana - Wands

Three of Wands
Sol exalted in Aries

Understanding of Will

Saturn rules the third sephira and denotes discipline and sturdiness. The Sun denotes such identification with the self and brings determination to the Warrior. Herein is a great virtue as Will now has the passion to succeed.

Minor Arcana - Wands

Four of Wands
Venus in Aries

Mercy of Will

As that Will is accomplished, it is beneficent; hence Jupiter which rules the fourth sephira. It then can ‘let-go’ of its passion and becomes merciful. This accomplishment ‘completes’ its effort.

Minor Arcana - Wands

Five of wands
Saturn in Leo

Severity of Will

The fives are ruled by Mars and represent aggressive energy. The steady strength that Saturn brings to the identification with this drive can wreak havoc upon all that lies in its path; hence a strife upon such all.

Minor Arcana - Wands

Six of Wands
Jupiter in Leo

Beauty of Will

The sixth sephira is the higher self (Sol) and in the suits represents the perfection of the element. The sephira is most desired by the Shekinah as a bride does her groom. The lower ego (Shekinah) grows as Jupiter represent expansion. Therefore she rises to the union with her adored prince and there is success or victory.

Minor Arcana - Wands

Seven of Wands
Mars in Leo

Victory of Will

The higher self is idealized as Venus (ideation) rules the seventh path. And therefore stays stubborn (a quality of Venus as ruler of Taurus) until it gains its own ends; emerging Victorious as a proof of ‘Valour’.

Minor Arcana - Wands

Eight of Wands
Mercury in Sagittarius

Splendour of Will

Sagittarius represents the practice of ethical behavior which is a marvel of virtue--or a ‘Splendour’ if you will. And the directness of Sagittarius wastes no time or is fast like Mercury.

Minor Arcana - Wands

Nine of Wands
Luna in Sagittarius

Foundation of Will

The Moon both rules the ninth sephira and is placed in the field of the archer (Sagittarius) whose aim is directed at the heavens. The heavens are the prime motivation for this action; hence the foundation or raison d’être.

Minor Arcana - Wands

Ten of Wands
Saturn in Sagittarius

Extreme Will

The tens always represent the force developed to its extreme and then manifest. The force is at its heaviest here with Saturn weighing the archer down. Will becomes oppressive and obstinate with the force of such weight.