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Minor Arcana Swords


Minor Arcana - Swords

Ace of Swords

Primal Intellect

The seed source of the intellect is a sword; again, phallic in design. at this level of consciousness, we are not as close to the life source as with the Ace of Wands. And get with this energy, we interpret what comes from there. We then organize this created data into a viable system.

Minor Arcana - Swords

Two of Swords
Luna in Libra

Wisdom of Intellect

The Moon in Libra descries the idea of emotional balance. This brings harmony to the field of the intellect which is the nature of wisdom. Of course, the emotions and intellect acting in a complimentary correspondence with each other, bring peace to the individual or freedom from the internal struggle that exists when these factors are at odds with each other.

Minor Arcana - Swords

Three of Swords
Saturn in Libra

Understanding of Intellect

The intellect by its very nature, is argumentative. AS the word ‘Understanding’ often denotes an ‘affinity for’, so we have a disturbing component to the psyche. With the heavy hand of a double Saturn upon the ‘Scales of Justice’ (Libra), we have an harsh adjudication without the benefit of wise council.

Minor Arcana - Swords

Four of Swords
Jupiter in Libra

Mercy of Intellect

Jupiter brings to Libra the benevolent balance that the Scales need to retain their composure. And the sephira of Mercy makes that a double Jupiter as it also represents an easement as described in the previous analysis of the sephira with Wands and Cups. Therefore ‘Truce’ is the surrender of the intellect to more noble gestures.

Minor Arcana - Swords

Five of Swords
Venus in Aquarius

Severity of Intellect

The sephira of Mars has Venus in Aquarius in this element; or the masculine and feminine archetypes combine in the sign of originality and skepticism. The energy of Mars pushes the intellect at a frenetic pace against the aesthete of Venus. And this is intellectual energy we are dealing with. With the idea that a fine wine takes time, this kind of action can be very self- ‘Defeating’.

Minor Arcana - Swords

Six of Swords
Mercury in Aquarius

Beauty of Intellect

Again, the highest ideal or the Sun (Identity/Ego) belongs to the sephira; not only because it is the most perfectly balanced of all the sephiroth (being in the center of the Tree-of-Life), but because it is also directly connected with every other sephira with the exception of Malkuth. Mercury brings the power of the intellect to the innovative capacities of Aquarius; bringing about a perfect and progressive insight. The intellect is displayed here with its finest attributes.

Minor Arcana - Swords

Seven of Swords
Luna in Aquarius

Victory of Intellect

An Aquarian Moon is like a wayward emotional child; so cut off from life. Water (Luna) and Air (Aquarius) don’t mix; at least in this case. The intellect has won and there’s no cooperation between the two. The psyche has denied a major part of itself and in so doing, denied itself any possibility for growth. With Venus ruling, too much beauty and therefore fascination is found in the intellect.

Minor Arcana - Swords

Eight of Swords
Jupiter in Gemini

Splendour of Intellect

Intellectual Mercury (the ‘Trickster’) rules this sephira and the largess that Jupiter brings to the Mercury-ruled Gemini repeats the theme of the previous card--too much intellect. Here the intellect gets in the way rather than stumbling over it s own alienating qualities. Here it is a bit more pompous.

Minor Arcana - Swords

Nine of Swords
Mars in Gemini

Foundation of Intellect

The Moon ruling this sephira and energized by Mars in Mercury-ruled Gemini and at the seat (Foundation) of the intellect, brings to fruition the truly passionless nature of the intellect. the strength of Mars firing-up Gemini truly invokes anger in its relationship with the Moon. Intellectual energy is spawned from the frustration of not knowing and as a reactionary (Luna) statement, whips out its ‘Cruelty’.

Minor Arcana - Swords

Ten of Swords
Sol in Gemini

Extreme Intellect

Now the ego (Sol) has drawn its whole identity and manifested it from the intellectual faculty. In this incarnation there is no other reality and there is no other possibility. The psyche is permanently paralyzed. There is no hope for redress. All is truly lost.