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Minor Arcana Disks


Minor Arcana - Disks

Ace of Disks

Primal Manifested Energy

The Disk correlates to the Cup (Vagina) in like manner as the Sword to the Phallus. The suit is the crystallization of all the energy of the preceding three suits; and yet is more like the first suit of Wands but in a different manner that’s unique to the material plane.

Minor Arcana - Disks

Two of Disks
Jupiter in Capricorn

Wisdom of Manifestation

Jupiter is expansion and Saturn (which rules Capricorn) is restriction or contraction. Like the rising and falling tides, such is the duality of the manifested universe. The one thing that remains constant is that we live in a world that’s constantly changing. The first true step on the path to ‘Wisdom’ is that the student comprehend this to its fullest extent.

Minor Arcana - Disks

Three of Disks
Mars in Capricorn

Understanding of Manifestation

The threes are ruled by Saturn as well as Capricorn. And feisty Mars brings great energy to this weighty material planet and sign. Like the tides that ebb and flow and a universe in constant flux, movement or ‘Work’ (activity) is also a constant. This is the actualization of the comprehension mentioned in the previous card.

Minor Arcana - Disks

Four of Disks
Sol in Capricorn

Mercy of Manifestation

The beneficent quality of Jupiter which rules the fours, brings a positive quality to the identification (Sol) that one has with the manifested universe. To realize not only who you are, but what you are and where your niche is in this incarnation is the first most important step in self-empowerment.

Minor Arcana - Disks

Five of Disks
Mercury in Taurus

Severity of Manifestation

Mercury as the ‘Trickster’ provides uncertainty to the stubborn Taurus. Energized by the martial nature of this sephira, the only possible result is a strong doubt with as equally strong desire (Venus which rules Taurus). Under such conditions the individual becomes worrisome.

Minor Arcana - Disks

Six of Disks
Luna in Taurus

Beauty of Manifestation

As a result of the last card, the higher self (Sol which rules this sephira) brings the emotional capacity (Luna) to drive towards that desired outcome of which the Taurean has become fixated upon. Under these conditions, that which one desires to manifest becomes that which is manifested; there is success.

Minor Arcana - Disks

Seven of Disks
Saturn in Taurus

Victory of Manifestation

Venus is the aesthetic sense; and a double Venus here f you count the ruler of Taurus. Yet Saturn brings all its weight which is just what the creative Venus doesn’t need to fulfill its function. Manifestation becomes rigid with no ability to change and so in its ‘Victory’ it has failed to comprehend the true nature of the universe.

Minor Arcana - Disks

Eight of Disks
Mercury Ruling & Exalted in Virgo

Splendour of Manifestation

Mercury both rules and is exalted in Virgo. The eights are also ruled by Mercury. Virgo as the perfectionist receives the divine spark from the messenger of the gods. Such is manifestation then connected with its spiritual source--such ‘Splendour’ in this. And for all who know such a fine wine taking its time, how this card shows the wisdom in the waiting (Prudence).

Minor Arcana - Disks

Nine of Disks
Venus in Virgo

Foundation of Manifestation

Venus brings the aesthetic sense to the perfectionism of Virgo and the even ebb and flow of the Moon which rules this sephira. And so we find beauty (Venus) at the heart of this ever-expanding universe of ours; a universe that is constantly adding onto itself in its passionate urge to be.

Minor Arcana - Disks

Ten of Disks
Mercury in Virgo

Extreme Manifestation

Here again is Mercury in Virgo in the sephira of manifestation. And once again the wisdom of the divine is channeled into the animal soul of life. And all the gold that such wisdom produces, accumulates in the treasure-house of life. Such a fitting end to our meditation on the Minor Arcana.