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Minor Arcana Cups


Minor Arcana - Cups

Ace of Cups

Primal Emotional Source

As the Ace of Wands is primarily Phallic, so the Ace of Cups is primarily Vaginal. These two suits of course, are complementary in nature. While the Ace of Wands produces the seed and is actively forthcoming in nature, this card is receptive and passive.

Minor Arcana - Cups

Two of Cups
Venus in Cancer

Wisdom of Emotion

Wisdom comes from understanding the dualistic nature of the universe. And of course the ‘wisest’ emotion one can have is that highest affectation; love. Cancer is traditionally ruled by the planet of emotions (Luna). In this case, Venus traverses bringing that most beautiful of emotions--again, Love.

Minor Arcana - Cups

Three of Cups
Mercury in Cancer

Understanding of Emotion

Emotions are fast paced as the mind is a racy component o the psyche. So when we apply mind (Mercury) to comprehend (Understanding) the emotional sphere of existence, we realize the plethora of emotions that are available to us. The discipline of Saturn (which is attributed to the threes) brings the mind to the correct relationship with the emotional energies.

Minor Arcana - Cups

Four of Cups
Luna Ruler of Cancer

Mercy of Emotions

Jupiter brings much and brings good fortune as the ruler of the fourth sephira. With Luna in its ruling sign, this is a flooding of this emotional energy. Such overrun leads to a break-down like the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Hence, a ‘Merciful’ release ensues.

Minor Arcana - Cups

Five of Cups
Mars Ruling Scorpio

Severity of Emotions

Here we have double Mars; both ruling the fives and placed in its ruling sign, respectively. That’s lots and lots of energy for the emotionally fearful yet deep Scorpio. Such ‘Severity’ can never lead the individual to a balanced perspective as necessary for a fruitful outcome in any situation. Hence, a failure or ‘Disappointment’ for all activities connected with this card.

Minor Arcana - Cups

Six of Cups
Sol in Scorpio

Beauty of Emotions

And here, a double sun; the sun indicating the higher self fully engaged. Scorpio represents the depth of insight needed to gain access to this idealized self; a self worshipped as an avatar as it provides diving insight for the lower mundane consciousness. Such aspiration is the highest aesthetic.

Minor Arcana - Cups

Seven of Cups
Venus in Scorpio

Victory of Emotions

With a double Venus (both ruler of the sephira and placed in Scorpio), one is ruled by the emotional torrents (Scorpio) of the psyche and values (Venus) such over a more balanced perspective; a benefit of incorporating the rational faculty, is inclined to be extremist and indulgent--losing all hold on virtuous behavior; a ‘Debauch’.

Minor Arcana - Cups

Eight of Cups
Saturn in Pisces

Splendour of Emotions

The eights are a world of ideas; being ruled by Mercury. And Saturn weighs down the selfless philanthropy and spirituality of Pisces. Instead of freeing oneself from Karma (activity), one gets mired in the weight of what one has. Hence an obstinate (Saturn) laziness (‘Indolence’) comes from the inability to let go. And so the trickster (Mercury) mires us with the illusion of a ‘Splendour’ when what we really have is an emotional dysfunction.

Minor Arcana - Cups

Nine of Cups
Jupiter Ruling Pisces

Foundation of Emotions

One is happiest (one of the emotions of the Moon which rules the nines) when one has much (Jupiter) to give of oneself (Pisces). Such is the beneficent reward for those who are beneficent. Such a seat (‘Foundation’) for the emotional faculty provides a balance and harmony in every day living. Jupiter along with Neptune (Spiritual Force) is a natural ruler of Pisces.

Minor Arcana - Cups

Ten of Cups
Mars in Pisces

Extreme Emotions

Mars here bring much energy to the spiritual Pisces; too much as the tens always indicate the extreme manifestation of the element involved. And too much is just that; too much. Such overindulgences in the emotional is the satiety of one’s cup running over and spilling in a needless waste of emotional energy. This can be quite tiring.