Paul Joseph Rovelli




Initiation & the Major Atus
(as They Appear on the Tree-of-Life)


The involution of the Divine and the evolution of the self, operate simultaneously. Here, the parable of he who seats himself first (first being the initiation; the initial; the beginning of the epic journey of being), shall be seated last is revealed. The first vessel is filled in its ‘will to receive.’ Last and first occur simultaneously. This is why Frater Achad was wrong to have turned the Tree-of-Life upside down.

This is the Tao; the ‘true will’ that is ‘pure will,’ so that the formula of thy way is based on one’s unique coordinates in the Universe (cf. Kether). Will (Thelema) and Love (Agape) are inseparable. That one composes the self and the other composes the Universe and are each holographic reflections of the other, serves to reveal to us the fluid substance of the Tao. One must begin with intuition.

The Logos that is formed in Tiphareth can only manifest in the L.V.X. of the Divine. The Veil of the Virgin is Babalon disguised as a seven-headed beast and harlot. Breaking through the veil is to love the L.V.X. and devote one’s life to her by caring for the Universe of brothers; to be a lover (cf. Atu VI) and a star in a company of stars (cf. Atu VXII). Thus, the development of one’s personal ethics must be built upon the intuition; both emerging from Tiphareth.

This path is traversed when one enters into history, which is the result of the Great Work. Let one’s actions be of generosity and benevolence.

Blend joy into sorrow; comfort into pain; wealth into poverty—that one’s head is above the heavens and one’s feet are below Hell.

The Hierophant delivers to us the sacred letter ‘H’ (cf. Thelema & the Greek Qabalah). The path of Gimel gives us the key letter ‘G’ (cf. Liber 27). Vau, the steps of the camel are inversions of the letter ‘A,’ which is the Aspiration.

The demi-gods are seven in number (as is the value of Zain); the most sacred number (7 being the number of the sacred planets of the Ruach) that comes directly from the Divine Beard of the
Macroprosopus and the L.V.X. shed over us. Nuit as Binah is he most ancient of these planets (Saturn). This is NOT or 2=0; two halves, right brain and left brain cancel each other out. Discover meta-thought; the A-rational.

The vulture eats up the dead carcass. For the involution, the joy of the Great Work is anticipated. For the evolution, the fear of death recollects the judgment of God.

Love is Agape; the counterpart of Will and its foundation; accept the pun as the Foundation sits at the bottom of the Ruach and Lust is its top bar. In the center sits Tiphareth; surrounded by four Sefirot numbers 4, 5, 7 and 8. These numbers added together, equal 24 and divided by 4, give us 6—Tiphareth. In extension, this is 666; the Beast or our Lord the Sun.

The Hermit; moving from Tiphareth to Chesed represents the adept having completed the Great Work. His silence is attained by his completion; no longer carrying the internal stress of his initiation. He is becoming the Exempt Adept.

Follow a path with heart and find Divine Providence, as you will have the inertia of the Universe to guide you. Know that the world is exactly as it should be and in acquiescing to that, one becomes the hub of the wheel and escapes its vicissitudes. Thus one finds the power to move the world and infuse it with creative beauty (connecting Venus to Jupiter); adding to the Sanctuary by creating new Gnosis.

This requires the correction of the imbalance; coming off the black pillar to Beauty and to symatry; 5 (Geburah) to 6 (Tiphareth) or 5=6. Yet 6 to 5 is the cement of the Great Work.

Hanged Man
The waters of life are those separated in Genesis; the higher life from the lower life. Sacrifice the lower life for the higher. One life is the inversion of the other; demon estdeus inversus.

“The formula of the dying god has not been abrogated. It has been absorbed into a more complete understanding. Hence the upshot of every action is a child.”—A. Crowley (from the Secret Conference). Horus comes to avenge the lie that death is the end of life. Life requires death, which is the agent of change. Without death there is torturous stagnance. Joy comes with perpetual change.

The pearl is the quintessence of the self that is the Sun; a god and saint who has mingled his blood with the universal blood. The mystery of the eucharist: die daily.

Find the third eye and create of vision of destiny.

Know that the greater destiny will require its own sacrifice; the price to pay for great joy is great sorrow.

That a star burns its fuel and sheds its L.V.X. onto the world is an act of devotion and a taking of responsibility for the world.

The transformation of waste creates opulence.

Be the Sun in everyone’s life; your constant adoration of Nuit.

Know that all you experience is a reflection of the nature of your initiation. These are the good old days! There is only NOW.

Become ‘one’ who is fully manifest; complete and whole. Become a god in a company of gods!